Why Energy Healing for Animals

Animals give us so much and contribute immensely to the quality of our lives, that we naturally want to give back as much as we possibly can. Many of us will do the upmost for our animals comfort, health and safety. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to offer them the most profound healing and well-being? I think you are interested to consider the health of your animal in the broadest, most holistic sense possible. Energy healing is a way to easily give back to them in a way that is loving, comforting, peaceful and healing

Energy healing is one of the oldest form of health care, but became some what desregarded  when modern medicine shifted its focus. Our school medicine looks at our body mainly as individual parts, not as a highly sensory holistic functioning system.

The same life force energy that animates human life also exists in the animal and plant kingdoms, so the use of Energy Healing for animals has the same benefits for them as it does for humans. Energy Medicin is a gentle method to harmonize the body  which allows the body to kick in with self-healing tools we all have inside. In a holistic view, energy medicine assumes that man, and thus also the animal, consists not only of the physical, visible body but also of an invisible energetic body.

When the energy of life flows freely in the body without blocking, man & animal feel balanced & healthy. Blocked life energy is often observed as a symptom of disease. Problems in the Energy body untreated will cause symptoms in the physical body or cause behavior issues. We do not want to concern ourselves with the current symptoms of a “patient” only, but also with the underlying causes, whether it is a matter on the mental, physical, emotional or spiritual level. This is the goal of energy medicine.

Turn your love of Animals into healing in Body, Mind & Spirit     

Within the triad Body/Mind/ Spirit usually “Spirit” is rather ignored and hardly ever addressed to in the usual health care for animals (well often not even for humans).

For the body the veterinarian is in charge, for the mind often the trainer. For food and cuddles the owner or care-taker. That is as far as we usually go and look. Maybe even if you love your animal from the bottom of your heart, you have till now not looked at your furred friend as a “spiritual being”.  But they are! Animals are thinking, feeling and highly spiritual beings. Animals have an energy body and this body is the “spirit of the animal.” As modernenergists, we could also call ourselves the “specialists for mind and soul”. This is our specialty, that is what we do and that is why our work is important because we can solve problems that others can not solve

Our approach is different than veterinarians* or trainers: We say

  • that a healthy energy body will provide energy for life and for all healing processes.
  •  that a healthy energy body is at least as important as a healthy physical body,and that it deserves our undivided attention.
  •  that the animal’s spirit deserves to be whole & healthy in its own right.

What we cannot do is to claim to cure physical disease! Impact on the physical body can never be predicted, but it’s certain that the energy work will help to give your animal extensive well-being in body, mind and soul. It  helps to recharge energy and strengths, to activate, to revitalize and to harmonize self healing. Through the use of energy work for animals you can infinitely contribute to the health, happiness and well-being of your animal! Try it, you and your pet will be delighted!

* Energy Healing complements veterinary care to improve animal welfare and quality of life; But they do not replace medical care or the veterinarian!