Where can I get this fantastic treatments?

There are different possibilities:

1:1 – Private Session in my office
Marrakech-Guéliz: Do you live in the Marrakech area and prefer to see and talk to me personally, then just schedule an appointment with me  Contact.

Essaouira: I am regurlarly in Essaouira. Ask for the next possibility. Contact.

If possible, bring your animal companion along. If not then please bring 2 or 3 pictures with you (full body from the side and one to look into the eyes).  At the first appointment I gather information on the animal’s overall health, the situation and well-being and the reason for seeking energetic support.

Session per Email & Skype
A good way for a first consultation and discussion about your animal if you are not from the Marrakech area but from anywhere in Morocco or around the world is to use Email and later Skype. I would ask you when you schedule such a  Session to first fill out the consultation form ( I will mail it to you) and hand it in together with the photos.  Then we will talk together to gather some more information on the animals overall health and wellbeing, the situation it lives in or the problem that you think is there and your reasons for seeking energetic support. We then decide together what is needed for your animal and what could offer solutions.

Distance Treatment / Remote Healing
Animals that are not fond of touching can be treated at a distance of a few feet or thousands of miles away. I feel the energy and work with it in the same way as if the animal were physically present. The animal, energetically very sensitive, is aware of the treatment and the body will activate its self-healing powers. The energy body and mind react in the same way as with a physical touch. Research shows that remote treatment can be even more powerful because it involves the mental level, which has a higher frequency of vibration than the physical one.

Because most of my friends and family live abroad, and they were all keen on my talents, this is how I started to do distant healing sessions around the globe for people and for their animals and that is how it became my “specialty” and I can assure you, it is not second best to a hands-on session – in contrary!  Be couragous and try it, your animal will thank you – it gets its treatment & this absolutely stress-free! Contact.

House, Barn or Stable Visits
If you wish, I will visit your animals in their own environment. This is often in interesting  way of a treatment if the “problem” includes different animals, people and also the location. I do not have to place my hands on the animal, but can work from a short distance, or from outside a paddock, kennel or cage. I travel in the Marrakech area and further afield by arrangement. Please be aware that there will be additional travel charges.

Terms & Conditions
Please be aware that for cancellations made with less than 24 hours notice you will still be charged the full treatment/consultation fee. Should you wish to postpone the appointment, no charge is made if another appointment is made. For visits at your place extra costs may apply – it will be stated in your personal offer. Some International phone call rates and Skype rates may apply. Payment is expected prior to your scheduled appointment time. You can pay cash, bank transfer or through Western Union / Wafa Cash
Complementary Care – Good to know
Energy healing complements veterinarian care to improve the animal’s well-being and quality of life; it does not replace medical attention.