Solutions for Problems

Also you might meet your animals every need, yet their instinct remains and being a part of your family easily affects them by your thoughts, emotions and vibes.

Animals, especially company pets and horses very often take all the themes, sorrows and blocks of their human beings onto them, and very often that load makes them ill. Not only physical problems but also Behavior, Mental, Heart and Soul. For your serenity – you now seek solutions for the “problems” of your beloved animal. All this and much more can be addressed with Energy Medicine and Animal Communication.

A healthy, vibrant energy body, which is the baseline for true health in mind, body and spirit, has innumerable connections with everything through which energy flows and vital information passes. When energies become unbalanced or this flow is even cut off for longer periods of time, well- being may suffer. Also the body has an innate knowledge for the maintenance of its health, but very often  the effects of environment stress, emotional issues and  domestication hinder the natural healing processes to kick in.

Discover the problems of your animal – and the solutions for it!

Low energy flow and due to that limited information and cmmunication passing through the body, causes stress symptoms and they are an important reason for health issues and/or behavior problems. So – what do we have to do to solve this problems? Actually quiete simple and logical, we must increase the energy flow of the body by all means. This is the goal of energy healing.

Another important view point is why and what your animal is experiencing in its  life. Your pet’s view of this very big human world can often be very different than what you ever imagined. Once you have heard (through  animal communication) what the world is like for your animals and how they see, feel, hear and sense things in their environment, you’ll have a better understanding of what might be causing them to react to certain problems.  It really can be that simple.The first step is identifying the issues. Then I’ll help you, help them! We will find solutions to solve problems

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A perfect combination for a greater benefit is Energy Healing with Animal Communication. I like to work with different Energy Healing techniques such as Reiki, Jin Shin Jyutsu, BodyTalk and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) for the healing and wellbeing of your beloved animal. Try it out, your animal will thank you!