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Get the most from your Healing Session with Happy Flow

How I work
After reviewing my website you might be interested in the way I work. But maybe there are more questions than ever? Then please contact me for a consultation where we can find out, what you and your animal really needs. Contact

Together, we can then see what is the right approach. All treatments are available personally in Marrakech and Essaouira or as distance treatments throughout Morocco and around the world.

Some important tips on the treatments

Photo  Have you sent a photo of your animal yet? Why is it that important? Simply, it helps me to connect to your animal. Ideal is a photo where there is only the animal that receives a treatment on the picture and looks into the camera

Make a list To make best use of everyone’s time, you will probably want to prepare a list of questions or comments. Put them in order of priority that you will want me to discuss during your session with your animal(s). Please send it before the session takes place. Thank you

Appointment time  Please, be on time!  It’s not outdated  but polite and respectful! If you need help understanding the differences in time zone with Morocco, here’s a  here is a useful online tool

Treatment Options: more information

Where can I get all this: Location

Some details on the sessions:

One to One
Contact me for an initial consultation or an appointment by phone or email. If possible, bring your animal companion along, if not – then please bring 2 or 3 pictures with you.

Distant Energy Healing
Distant treatment take place by means of energy transmission, Energy acts where it is needed. It is independent of time and space because it knows no boundaries. The Distant Energy Healing session is done “offline”, which means you won’t have to schedule your time to be on the phone or at home during that session.  I will send you per Email details how your animals session progressed and we can exchange on that

Animal Communication
This treatment is available in person or as a Distant treatment. For an animal communication at a distance, 2 photos are necessary (see above) please email with your questions beforehand.

My Animal communication skills are mostly auditory. I also get images, emotions and sensations,  but mainly I am hearing what the animal is saying, just as if you were talking to a good friend on the phone. Because of this, I work best in the comfort of my own home, where there are no distractions. A Basic session is up to 5 questions for 1 animal. Very often  animals have special messages for their person  . And some animals are such wise souls that the depth of the information received can be profound. Please note that this is NOT a phone session. I will talk to your animals from  home, type up the transcript and  email it to you. Then we can talk about it over the phone or Skype and if there are further questions that come up, I offer a 15 minute follow up conversation to solve those issues.


Last but not least an in important information

The Energy Healing for Animals Service Agreement
I, the undersigned, agree to secure the services of Bettina Stahl for the purposes of 
energy healing at the rates fixed in the Health & Happiness packages 
or the tailor made offer, to be mutually agreed upon before commencement. 

I agree to pay Bettina in full before commencement of each session.

I understand that by consulting an energist, we will be dealing with energy body related problems 
and solutions exclusively.

I understand that no physical healing is promised and there is no claim of cure for any form 
of diagnosed illness in any way.

I understand that there will be no physical or material diagnosis, 
nor prescription of medication. 

I understand that the treatment of the energy body has varying effects in individual cases, and we cannot predict
the effect of any energy treatment, nor what side effects will emerge.

I fully understand that I am responsible for my animal's physical, mental and energetic well being, 
and will consult with the appropriate professionals as and when this becomes necessary.

I have read and understood the terms of this consent form, 
and I am happy to go ahead and discover more about the causes 
and effects of energy interventions with the help of my practitioner.

This form you will get to sign before a first treatment.