How Does Energy Healing Work? 

Everything is made of energy, that includes us, animals an all of our surroundings. That means we are all connected by and to that force and we are interacting with it all the time.

While we human got more used to thinking than sensing, not so the animals. They are naturally sensitive to energy and their survival is almost entirely based on perceiving energy shifts. That makes them enjoying Healing Energy tremendously. An Energy Therapy balances the whole animal, dissolves any blocks & disharmonies in the Energysystem  on all levels of the being. Physical, mental, emotional & spiritual.

Not only humans get the more and more ill, also our animals. Stress is one of the key factors to block & disturb our energy thereby blocking healthy frequencies and preventing the animal from returning to a balanced and healthy state.

When energy is offered to the animal, it allows the body to increase & balance its frequencies, dissolve blockages, and increase its natural energy resources so that the body can begin to heal itself. If the energy flow is cut off or blocked and thus less energy, information & communication can flow through the system, this causes a stress reaction in the body with all its many symptoms.

Energy therapy allows “disorder” to dissolve and can greatly accelerate the recovery of disease and assist in injuries and surgical wounds. It can also be used preventively, because the energy field is already out of balance before a disease becomes apparent.

Disharmonies in the energy body influence the physical body!

Energy Medicine also provides support for animals to process and release emotional traumas that may be caused by fear, anxiety, stress or separation. In domestication, animals cannot behave in their true natural way and they have to adapt and often compensate by absorbing stress within their bodies. Very often they also compensate stress or problems of their owners or guardians. Over time, unresolved stress  can lead to difficulties,  as defensiveness, nervousness, aggression, over-excitability or withdrawal.

In the same way as it works for injury and illness, it works on behavior issues. Energy healing allows the animal to let go of unresolved stress, and return to a balanced state. It is also beneficial for bereavement and brings peace for animals about to pass on. Energy Therapy can help all conditions and any animal in need.


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Of course the skeptics may say that it is all only a placebo effect, but placebos with animals are not possible.  Animals do not have a faith, are not aware that the therapist is a healer nor are they aware of the benefits healing can give. Animals have no expectation, they trust and accept, without reservations. Energy healing works therefore incredibly well. The healing effects are often very impressive and surprising. That makes Energy Healing  almost magic!

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