Health & Happiness Packages

Bettina offers her services for your animal’s health and happiness. This is also important for your own peace of mind to be the best animal parent there is.  Here are the most common themes and my Health & Happiness Packages to offer Solutions for Problems. All sessions are available in person for those located in  Marrakech or over distance worldwide.

Contact  me for a consultation what would be the best for you and your animal.

Happy Flow Scan
Do you want peace of Mind for your animal’s  physical, mental and emotional well-being? This session helps to evaluate your animals health to determine the direction of further healing work. Are you suspicious that something might be wrong, but want more information before proceeding with any kind of treatment? Do you want to make sure they’re feeling comfortable and confident?


Happy Flow Scan & Animal Talk
Sometimes you just want to know how your animal is doing. Has it adjusted to a recent change; want different food; getting enough exercise? How are they feeling physically and emotionally? The Happy Flow Scan and an Animal Talk is perfect to get the right picture of your animals well-being, wishes and needs. Take the 2 together and know more …

Happy Family Life

Do you have more than 1 animal in your family? Do you want to make sure all members of the household are getting along well, but this is not always the case?  There are sometimes conflicts, unhealthy dynamics, misunder-standing  and misinterpretations and  that shows in the behavior?  Have you ever considered to look for a mediator, or translator to facilitate a healthy  communication between all parties and to offer a safe home environment for everyone’s need?

Your family is unique and Bettina will create a custom package  with a series of sessions to meet everyone’s particular needs (animal and human)

Happy Vitality

Optimize your animal’s health for a long and happy life with you. Your best friend deserves to feel great! Does your animal seem generally okay, but lacks a certain vitality? Regardless of age, a healthy animal will have a substantial spark of life and if you might be  thinking, “They’re just slowing down,” make sure your animal is receiving all it needs. Choose a holistic health support with Energy work to recharge batteries and all natural supplements to ensure their continued health and vitality.

Understand your animal’s individual health needs with Bettina’s  experience in animal health and wellness. Bettina proposes with Happy Flow for Animals energy healing, counseling and natural supplements as part of a wholesome approach to your animal’s wellness.*


*Bettina is not a veterinarian and will not diagnose your animal or prescribe medications. Please consult with your animal’s primary veterinarian when considering making changes to your animal’s health care.

Details of the costs of treatments you find here

Happy Comportment    

Understand your animal’s destructive or unwanted behavior and receive the tools to change it.

You love your animal and want the very best for them, but sometimes you are just overwhelmed and a bit lost in your relationship. You realize you don’t talk the same language and you don’t have the same viewpoints and yes, there are misunderstandings, misinterpretations and disharmonies and that shows in the comportment of your animal. Your cat marks its territory all over the house. Your dog barks incessantly at the door or shows aggression toward other animals or humans? Has your horse developed destructive habits? Does your bird display separation anxiety?

Pets may not be aware or understand why their actions are wrong, harmful or negative to pet parents. Bettina will clear up any miscommunication and help to you understand why your animal is exhibiting this behavior.

Your animal is unique and every behavioral challenge requires a different approach. That is why Bettina will create a custom package to meet your animal’s and your particular needs.

Happy & Healthy

Offer your animal the best support through their health crisis so their body has what it needs to heal.

Is your beloved animal experiencing a chronic health issue or suffering from a severe health problem. Of course your Veterinarian  has prescribed the needed medication, but you are looking for more than traditional veterinary care for your pet’s health and healing?

Bettina work’s with devoted pet parents who seek need more than the traditional way of care for their pet’s health and well being, accident, illness, injury, disease, aging or end of life.

With Happy Flow for Animals Bettina use different Energy healing modalities, Animal Communication and natural remedies to help your animal heal faster and deeper, release pain and anxiety, improve behavior and mobility and live a longer and better life.*

Your animal is unique and all health challenges deserve an individual approach. Bettina will customize a session package for you to meet your animal’s healing needs.


Happy Changes

Let your pets know in advance when there are changes about to occur in your and their life.I always say, pets love to be heard, and they appreciate being considered as part of the family. Knowing what their needs are during changes, especially during high stress events like moving, divorce, construction, a new baby or emergencies, can make all the difference. But also for the things we think are “harmless” or normal – like bringing a new person or a new animal into the home, someone is leaving, you are going on vacation or your daily schedule is changing or maybe they need a prolonged medical care out of your home – it really helps to let them know about all that and that makes it go so much more smoothly. Using animal communication to prepare your animals in advance for any changes in and around your home and family is always helpful, especially for easy scared or nervous animals. You can let your pet know what is going to happen and prevent problems and misunderstanding and can keep stress much lower.

Bettina will design a customized package for you and your animal and also put together tailor made exercises for you at home to give your animal companion the best care, even in stressful times of changes. 


Happy Aging

Their time with you is precious. Make sure you both get the most out of it while you still can.Is your beloved animal companion showing signs of getting older? Do you want to make sure they’re as healthy as possible during their golden years? Make sure your animal is comfortable and happy in their final years through regular sessions with Bettina.

Check regularly how their body feels, if they have any specific needs relating to their aging process* and find out how you can be the best animal parent possible. Make sure your best friend’s time on Earth is wonderful and happy until the very end.

Bettina recommends a minimum of 1 Happy Flow Scan and a one-hour session per month for an aging animal. Adjust to your animal’s changing needs and keep checking in to help them stay comfortable and happy. Make sure their quality of life is always as high as it was in their prime, and that your relationship is just as positive and fulfilling.

*Bettina is not a veterinarian and will not diagnose your animal or prescribe medications. Please consult with your animal’s primary veterinarian when considering making changes to your animal’s health care.

Details of the costs of treatments you find here