A few “What” about Energy Work

What is the basis of all Energy healing and this way of thinking? All animals have a physical body, but they also have a energy body. This energy body is invisible, but very real.

When it the energy body gets injured, the energy flow becomes low and the animal will show signs of suffering. It will show up show in many ways, like general loss of the condition, unhappiness, behavior changes, weakness, sadness, anxiety and aggression. A weak energy body can also make an animal susceptible to infections as it compromises the immune system and weakens all bodily and mental functions. Not healing properly from illnesses and slow recovery can also have roots in energy body problems. Animals are spiritual beings, injuries of the spirit can’t be cured with pills and injections. Where there is a injury of the spirit however, where there are problems the vet’s can’t solve or even explain I might be of help, because when there are injuries of energy body or spirit – energy healing is required.

What? This should work? Distant Treatments all over the world?
An aspect of energy work that continues to fascinate and amaze me are distance and remote healing sessions. Since many animals do not like to be touched by strangers, remote treatment is a wonderful method that can save you and your animal much stress, because it does not need to be transported anywhere, but can easily stay at home. A Distant treatment is done by energy transfer, and Energy acts wherever it’s needed. Energy is independent of time & space, and knows no boundaries. A  treatment can be at short distance, a few meters, because an animal does not want to be touched by strangers (or humans generally) or it can take place anywhere in the world. Researches prov, that distant treatments can be even more powerful because it involves the mental level, which has a higher frequency of vibration than the physical. Does that sound a bit weird for you, strange, almost crazy? Dare it anyway! You will be amazed to see that your animal immediately understands what’s going on, receives the energy transmission and can fully benefit from such treatment.

What do I do?
At the first appointment, I gather information on the animal’s overall health and well-being and the reason for seeking energetic support. I always complete a detailed consultation form of your pet’s history and lifestyle, and keep notes on their progress.  It is very important to try and establish the cause of the problem and resolve it, otherwise healing will only have a short term effect. A treatment usually lasts between 20 minutes to 1 hour. I am guided by the animals’ responses as to when it has had enough, it can be shorter. During the treatment, I work in the energy field above the body and also use touches  on the animal’s body, like feet, legs, trunk, back, neck, and/or head. Benefits may be felt by the animal (and witnessed by the owner) immediately and increase over the next twenty-four hours. No promises of a cure are made or implied. Each animal is unique and the outcome of healing cannot be predicted or assumed.

What happens during a healing treatment?
Most animals react pretty fast,  maybe  first with a sigh, there may be yawning, twitching,  postural stretches, rolling  on the back, getting into the best position to receive and then often go into a state of deep relaxation. It is not uncommon for some moving around and others will be restless. Afterwards, some may drink more, and need prolonged sleep. As the blockage releases, symptoms can sometimes become more pronounced before they start to improve, however, this is an indication that the body is in fact, letting go of what is stored at the time of the injury, illness or trauma. They may require more time alone in the days after a healing session in order to process the effects of the healing.  It is advisable to continue with their normal routine, but try to avoid any stressful or exciting events.

What is needed and how often?
Healing works best with a course of treatments at roughly weekly intervals. Trauma or chronic illnesses are stored like layers and it may take a while to access the underlying causes.  Therefore I suggest a minimum of 3-6 treatments in order to see first results, however individual animals respond differently and each case is unique. Also have a look at my Health & Happiness packages, which offer over a fixed period of time, different sessions, treatments and communications  – tailor made to the need of your animal and you.

Complementary Care – Please note:
Energy healing cannot replace physical healing, healing the energy body is a discipline in its own right, and the effects on the physical body of any animal cannot be predicted in advance. Please consult  your veterinary as well as  an energy healer for full support of your animal in body, mind and spirit.

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