About my animals

 Animals give us humans so much  and contribute immeasurably to our quality of life, so we naturally want to give them back as much as possible. But this is not always a simple mission, I know it only too well. With my 12 dogs it is as with many children,there is always one sick, injured, unbalanced, behaves strange or is unhappy and for me, it was never good enough to give them only pills or antibiotics, to cure them, which is, as in human medicine – most of the time, the usual way. Also for my personal health, I was always searching for other solutions, for more holistic ways and so I did for the animals I love. But how did it come to have 12 dogs?


On one of my walks not far from my house, I find circled from 7 males a young female in heat, trying to hide behind rubbish and construction waste to escape all those males, as she was heavily injured. Most probably a car accident, both sides the ribs were brocken and her hind paw half cut away! That was too much misery for me to take. Those stray dogs already have a difficult and sad life here in Morocco, as many people do not like dogs very much, so they get most of the time ill treated. But then being injured like that, there were not too many chances to survive.


I could no longer close my eyes from all this misery those dogs faced! As I had decided anyway, living here in Marrakech, that I wanted to give back something – here was my chance! Giving back to animals is not second best – in contrary, they need our help! I ran home got my car, drove back to the dog, open the door and this clever animal, never been in a car in her whole life, just jumped on in the back seat, in her eyes complete trust. I take her to the vet, he cannot do much about the ribs, the foot needs rest and pain- killers. Good food, cuddles, love and kindness, will help the healing. I take her home. She also gets sterilized and all the needed vaccinations and a name: NANA

As soon as Nana got better, she wanted to get out at night on discovery tour and to meet all her friends of the neighborhood. But every morning she would wait in front of my door and come in for her food, tranquility, security and caresses. Then she brought her friends along, especially when they were ill or injured. I think she told them all, that I would give my best to help them: So came Dafla, Asta, Lümmel, Trulla, Amica. Poupa, Bouby, Lana and Loua along and most of them stayed …  Today, I have a really big family of 12 dogs

The dogs, where my healers and my teachers, as no one else before in my life. Also very often it has been very difficult and demanding, then it was never my plan to have a house filled with dogs. But they also made me feel good, laugh, run, play, cry and love! Open up my heart, my spirit, my awareness, they made me grow and expand.

Such a pack  is a lot of work, commitment, responsibility, time and money which was going (and still does) into that “Project” but I love them and they push me to learn constantly. They were ill, injured, untrained, very often I needed  to find solutions for all different themes and problems. I started to design ways and methods of helping. This was how Happy Flow Animal was born.

I learned about Medicinal herbs, Homeopathic and Bach remedies and last but not least started to work on them with my Energy Healing I did for myself. They loved it, and I loved giving it. It was so rewarding to work with animals, people always had doubts, not so the dogs! They understood immediately – this was good stuff – and would with a big sigh lay calmly there to receive

After a long journey, I  have finally arrived where I wanted to be. Back in life, living my purpose, serving the world and being happy and in the flow with what I do. Thanks to my dogs, my best friends and teachers and thanks to all my customer’s and their animals around the world, who trust my abilities and my services – that makes me grow and excel

Can I be of service to you and your animal? I am looking forward to connecting with you

Much love,