Meet Bettina

This is the page where you can get to know me a little better and find out why I do, what I do…

I’m born beginning of the sixties in Switzerland, in the German speaking part, that’s why I have a bit of an accent. Currently I live in Marrakech, Morocco with a house full of dogs. More About my animals

Here’s a bit about my Story…

I am sure you know from your own experience, that often in life, the most difficult experiences turn out to be the most important and most striking life changers. This was the case for me. Unforeseen and suddenly everything can change and never be the same ever again.

Some years ago I lived in Mali, West-africa. Due to the military putsch in Mali, boarders were closing and uncertainty where all of that was leading was everywhere. All foreigners were advised to leave the country immediately. What we all tried, but most flights were sold out. And I did not want to leave without my two dogs, so no flights for us anyway.

Only the looooong way by car.  So we had to drive – through Senegal – Mauritania into Morocco all the way up to Marrakech, where I lived before.

When I had to leave Mali, I had left my partner, my house, my company, my friends, my dreams and an unfinished Hotel. But I was sure to be back within the next few months to continue my work and my dreams I had been building  there. This was in 2012 and since I  never have been been back! The political and economical situation is still very unstable and unsafe, that it is not advisable to go back.

When I realized a return was not to be soon, I fell into a deep depression. All I had lived for, hoped for, worked for, dreamed of – was gone. I did not know anymore who I was, where I was in my life, where I wanted to go, what I wanted to do, how I wanted to live, what was my purpose, my dreams – all had vanished.

But where to start with life again when everything you think makes your life, has gone? The only thing left beside my  depression, were the 2 dogs and my old Mercedes which brought me out of Mali to Morocco.
One Morning I wake up from somewhere very very dark because I have a wet face – my dog Kenai is licking my face to make me wake up – Fitini the little one, is sitting beside me, howling  softly and watching me with concern. I did not really know where I was, all I knew is that I did not really want to wake up again, it was sooo peaceful where I had been.

In that moment I realized, I urgently had to do something about my life! I had to kick in again and had to change dramatically, otherwise I was lost …
I knew, no more time to simmer in my depression, to wallow any longer in self pity and all my negative emotions and to pity myself being the victim. I had to  find a way to get hold of me and my life again!

If it was not for these 2 lovely creatures – I do not think I would be here anymore! They made me go up early every morning for long walks. I had to get moving for buying groceries, cooking some food – for them and for me and they are precise as Swiss watches in their timing and tougher than any personal trainer – no excuses 🙂

In those years I had to work a lot on myself. My depression was very deep and I did not know how to get unstuck!!!  How to go on … How to be in the Flow again, then that is what is life creating. So that is what I wanted again, to be in a Happy Flow.

I often worked with EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) exercises during those days to clear my head, my heart and my soul. Fascinated by it and the profound changes it helped to achieve – I did my studies and became a Practitioner. Energy Medicine fascinated me since long, so I decided to learn more. For hands on healing I learned Jin Shin Jyutsu and got my Master in Reiki. Then I started to study Bodytalk, an extraordinary technique. Of course I needed a lot of hands on training to master those methods, but they were not that many friends or people around who were brave enough to lay on my table …

That is how I started to work on my dogs. They loved it and I loved giving it. It was so rewarding to work with animals. They understood immediately that this was good stuff – and would with a big sigh lay calmly there to receive. Because most of my friends and family live abroad, and they were all keen on my new talents, I started to do distant healing around the globe for Humans and for animals.

My Animal Communication skills also helped to deepen my connection and my understanding animals. So more and more I started to treat animals, personally and over distance.

My goal is to enrich the lives of animals and people

For my pack at home I  very often needed  to find solutions for all different themes and problems to be solved and I started to design ways and methods of helping. This was how Happy Flow Animal was born.

Thanks to my dogs the very best teachers I ever had and thanks to all my customer’s and their animals here and around the world, who trust my abilities and my services and make me grow and excel.

I finally had arrived where I wanted to be – back in life, living my purpose, serving the world and being happy and in the flow with what I do.

I look forward to connecting with you and your animal and being of service!

Much love,